Top Tips for Playing Winter Golf


Many of us prefer the sunny days of summer, but following the sun like many pro golfers isn’t always an option, so it’s time to embrace the unique charm of playing golf in the winter. The crisp air and the challenge of adapting to cold weather conditions can make winter golf a memorable experience. However, it also presents its own challenges, especially given the UK’s unpredictable weather. To make the most of your winter golfing, we’ve compiled a list of top tips to help keep you warm, improve your game and enjoy a round of golf during the winter months. 


Correct clothing


The key to staying comfortable and warm during winter golf is layering. Start with a moisture-wicking base layer to keep sweat away from your skin, followed by an insulating layer to trap heat, and finish with a waterproof and windproof outer layer. Choose something warm but functional so you can have a full range of movement so it doesn’t affect your technique. It’s also important not to neglect your hands or head, which tend to be most exposed to the elements – so remember to bring gloves and a hat! 


Look for golf-specific winter clothes, generally made of materials designed for flexibility and warmth without any bulk. Thermal gloves with a good grip are a great choice, allowing you to maintain good technique.

Warm up first


It is vital to warm up before playing during the winter months to avoid injuries such as any pulled muscles or strains. Warming up at the driving range before hitting the course can be a great way to warm up and loosen your swing. Don’t worry about the distance in your first few shots; it’s all about stretching out those muscles and getting them where they need to be for a great round of golf. 


Keeping your body warm from the inside out can also be a good idea. Bring hot drinks out on the course in a flask to warm up during the round. Small portable hand warmers can also be great to keep in your pockets.


Prepare for wet weather


The UK is known for its unpredictable and stereotypical wet weather, which can create difficulties for golfers. However, if you are willing to brave these conditions to make it out on the course, we have some tips to reduce its impact on your game. Investing in high-quality waterproofs is a must if you want to play in wet weather. It’s essential to be prepared, so bringing an umbrella is always useful. 


Always checking the forecast before heading to the course can help you be more prepared for any sudden changes, but always ensure that if conditions become dangerous, don’t hesitate to call off your round.


The cold winter weather can affect the compression of golf balls, making them feel harder and less responsive due to less ball speed, shorter distance and reduction in spin. To overcome this, consider switching to a low-compression golf ball specifically designed for colder temperatures; another option is simply keeping your golf balls in your pocket to keep them warm.

Image of a golf ball submerged in the snow in winter at Oakridge Golf Club

Winter Rules


Clubs usually implement winter rules to protect the course when the weather deteriorates. With wet weather, fallen leaves and an inevitable increase in mud, it can quickly reduce the condition of the course. Winter rules allow players to lift, clean and place the ball back to remove any dirt or debris that’s collected on it. Click here to see our winter rules.




During the winter, it’s often a good idea to carry your bag around the course instead of using a trolley or buggy, as this will help keep you warm between each hole but will also help reduce the impact it has on the wet ground. 


Playing winter golf can be a rewarding and refreshing experience, but it requires careful preparation and adaptation to the cold, wet weather conditions. So layer up, grab your clubs and embrace the challenges and beauty of winter golf on the course!

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