Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions


The club exists for the provision of facilities

a.)For playing golf

b.)Social and recreational amenities for its members


a.)The Club is a propriety Club.  The name of the Club will be Oakridge Golf Club, whose office is situated at Arley Lane, Ansley Village, Nuneaton, Warwickshire CV10 9PH

b.)The Proprietor will provide the Club with premises and all reasonable facilities for the proper functioning of the Club and be solely responsible for all Club matters which involve the disbursement of money.  The exception to this ruling being the funds raised by the various sections and controlled by their respective Committees.

c.)On behalf of the Proprietor, the administration of organised golf within the Club, shall be the overall responsibility of the Men’s and Ladies’ Committees.

d.)A Club Annual General Meeting will be held shortly before the start of a new season and after any Section AGM’s.


a.)The Men’s Section will elect a Committee which will ensure that the rules of play will be those approved by the Royal and Ancient Golf Club of St. Andrews (R&A) and that he Local Rules pertaining to the game of golf, as and when deemed necessary, are in accordance with R&A guidelines.  It will also ensure the Club complies with the World Handicapping System (WHS), as monitored by the Handicap Committee.  As an affiliated Club, it will ensure that the rules of England Golf and the Local Area Authority, namely the Warwickshire Union of Golf Clubs (WUGC), are adhered to.

b.)The Men’s Committee will consist of the Golf Section Secretary (appointed by the Proprietor), the Men’s Captain who will act as chairman), and the Men’s Vice Captain.  There also be an elected Competition Secretary, Handicap Secretary, Treasurer and Communication Officer.  Any five committee members shall be regarded as a quorum.

c.)Elected members of this committee will normally be elected at the Men’s AGM and it anticipated that each such member will serve on the Committee for a period of three years.

d.)Qualification for adult male members to stand for election is three years continuous Club membership.

e.)Candidates for election to the Committee must be proposed and seconded and any such nominees, approved by the Proprietor.

f.)An existing Committee member can submit himself for further election after the expiration of the three year period.  The Men’s AGM calling notice will state the number of vacancies on the Committee and any of those members seeking re-election, if any.

g.)This Committee shall be authorised to co-opt additional members should the need arise.  Such co-opted members will serve on the Men’s Committee until the end of the season (normally March) and have full voting rights.

h.)The Men’s Committee and the Ladies’ Committee, shall be responsible for administering all golfing matters, including providing regular competitions for the benefit of their members.

i.)The Men’s and Ladies’ Committees shall be solely responsible for liaising with the Proprietor and Head Green Keeper (via the Golf Section Secretary or either Captain) on all matters pertaining to the golf course and any changes that may be desired or become necessary.

j.)Whilst retaining overall responsibility, the Men’s Committee shall delegate the administration of Seniors’ Golf to the Seniors Committee (SOGS) and the administration of all matters pertaining to the playing handicaps of male members, to the Handicap Committee.  Decisions made by the aforesaid Committees shall not be at variance to the overall responsibilities of the Men’s Committee.

k.)The Club Management will on occasions take bookings from visitors and Societies, allowing them to play the golf course.  They may also give permission for certain external Charity Competitions to take place.  All such arrangements are outside the organisational responsibility of both the Men’s and Ladies’ Committees.

l.)The Men’s Committee, in liaison with the Ladies’ Committee, shall retain direct overall responsibility for the Junior Section through the Junior Organiser his assistants.  The Junior Organiser will be a co-opted member of the Men’s Committee.

m.)The Men’s Committee will determine the entrance fee and number of prizes for most competitions, except in the case of Sponsored Competitions, where the sponsors may share in these decisions.

n.)The Men’s Committee shall operate on a non-profit making basis, except that a percentage of the Club competition fees will be retained in order to cover operating costs, expenses incurred and projects to benefit all Club members.  All cheques must be signed by the Treasurer and one of three designated signatories.

o.)With regard to m.) and n.), there will be regular liaison between the relevant representatives of both the Men’s and Ladies’ Committees.


a.)The Ladies’ Section shall, in accordance with its delegated power, operate where applicable, in accordance by the rules laid down by England Golf, the Ladies Golf Union (LGU), the Warwickshire Ladies’ County Golf Association (WLCGA) and the World Handicapping System (WHS).

b.)The Ladies’ Section will elect a Ladies’ Committee, comprising of the following, Ladies’ Captain, Ladies’ Vice-Captain, Secretary, Handicap Secretary, Assistant Handicap Secretary, Treasurer and Competition Secretary.  Any adult member of the Club may be nominated for a position on the Committee, other than Captain or Vice-Captain.  Any five members of the Committee will form a quorum.

c.)Nominations for election to the Committee must be duly proposed and seconded and presented to the Secretary of the Ladies’ Committee prior to the Ladies’ AGM.  It is anticipated that each member so elected will serve on the Committee for a period of two years, but may seek re-election at the Ladies’ AGM.

d.)In addition to organising Ladies’ Club Competitions, Ladies’ Opens and Mixed Opens, the Ladies’ Committee will be responsible for organising Club Mixed Knock-Out Competitions and any Ladies’ and Mixed Inter-Club matches.  The Competition Secretary will liaise on a regular basis with the Men’s Competition Secretary.


a.)Male members aged 55 or over can join the “Senior Oakridge Gents Section (SOGS), by paying the appropriate nominal fee applicable at the time.  This entitles them to play in any senior Club competitions, including knock-out events and inter-club matches.

b.)The SOGS is permitted to have its own constitution but will operate at all times within the rules and powers delegated by Club Management, the Men’s Committee and Handicap Committee.

c.)The Ladies’ are entitled to form their own Senior Section if they so wish.


a.)The Handicap Committee shall be of mixed gender and comprise of the Men’s and Ladies’ Handicap Secretaries and their assistants, plus the Golf Section Secretary.  Chairing the Committee will alternate between the two Handicap Secretaries.

b.)The Committee shall comprise of the Men’s Handicap Secretary, the Ladies’ Handicap Secretary and both their assistants, plus the Golf Section Secretary.  Chairing the Committee will alternate between the two Handicap Secretaries.

c.)The Committee will meet regularly and a quorum shall consist of three persons, at least one of whom must be from the Ladies’ Section.

d.)The Committee has specific responsibility for the allotment and maintenance of handicap indexes.

e.)The Committee will carry out its duties strictly in accordance with the requirements of the WHS.

f.) The Committee will advise the Men’s, Ladies’ and Seniors’ Committees of matters regarding the maintenance of Players Handicap Indexes, as appropriate.  It is the responsibility of the Handicap Committee to make recommendations to these Committees where decisions are necessary regarding compliance with WHS rules.

g.)The Committee shall publish appropriate notices that advise members of their responsibilities with regard to WHS and Club rules, plus keeping and publishing up to date player’s personal handicap records.


a.)The Club’s year commences on the 1st April and Captains, Vice-Captains and Committees start their terms of office on pre-arranged practicable dates after the 1st April.

b.)In normal circumstances the Men’s and Ladies’ Vice-Captain’s will succeed to the respective Captaincy; at least one months notice will be given to the relevant Committee by the Proprietor, should this not be the case.

c.)The position of the incoming Men’s Vice-Captain is decided after consultation between the Proprietor, the Men’s Captain, the present Men’s Vice-Captain and the three previous Men’s Captains.

d.)The Ladies’ Vice-Captain is decided in a similar manner.


a.)   Amount

All Members must pay a Membership Fee annually, according to the category of Membership, chosen at the time of the purchase. Oakridge Golf Club reserves the right to vary the Membership Fee at the time of the Member’s renewal in accordance with the clause ‘f’ below. The fees, as well as any privileges and restrictions that may apply to the use of the Club facilities shall be determined by the category of Membership purchased by the Member. Membership administration and subscription fees are non-refundable. Membership charges are subject to annual review,  all changes are to be displayed on the Club notice board. Membership charges include VAT, changes in the applicable rate may be made by the regulatory authority from time to time. The company reserves the right to pass on such changes at its discretion.

b.)     Membership Subscriptions

Members have a choice to pay their fees either monthly in advance via Direct Debit, allowing the Members to spread the full year’s Membership Fee over the course of a year, or in full for the commitment period, and then annually thereafter via cash, cheque, Direct Debit or selected credit cards. The type of payment is elected by the Member.

c.)   Initial Payment

The Initial payment, which includes the Bar Credit fee, pro-rata payment for the current month, first monthly or annual Membership fee (where applicable), shall be due on the first day of the date of acceptance of Membership. 

d.)    Direct Debit Payments

d.1.)  All Direct Debit collections will take place on or just after 1st of each month unless otherwise advised. Where the 1st of the month falls on a weekend or a bank holiday, payment will be collected from the member’s bank account on the next available banking day. Should the annual membership payments by Direct Debit instalments be broken, the balance of the subscription for the entire commitment period will become immediately payable in full.

d.2.)  Monthly Direct Debit payments include an administration charge to reflect that the annual Membership subscription is being paid by instalments. Your monthly instalments include this charge and other costs associated with monthly payments. This monthly charge is subject to annual review. Annual instalments paid in advance exclude this administration charge.

e.)     Amendment of Charges

Members are notified in writing of any changes in their subscription with a minimum of two weeks’ notice. Where the rate review date falls within a commitment period and the member is paying monthly the increased charge will apply.

f.)   Missed and Late Payments

Member status is maintained provided the Membership is current and fully paid up, or payment arrangements acceptable to the Club have been made, otherwise the access to the Club premises may be refused and on-line services withdrawn. If an overdue subscription is not paid within 14 days, the subscription for the remainder of your commitment period will become payable, in full. Once outstanding fees have been met in full, normal access rights will be reinstated. In the event of missed payments, administrative and credit control process.

g.) Direct Debit Rejections and Cancellations

Should a Direct Debit fail to be collected due to insufficient funds, two further attempts will be made to draw the overdue subscription within 10 working days. Should these attempts also fail, contact will be made requesting payment and Oakridge Golf Club reserves the right to proceed with credit control policies.

h.) Recovery Action

Oakridge Golf Club reserves the right to use a debt collection agency to collect outstanding balances owed to them. Debt outstanding for over 30 days may be referred to the agency. Outstanding balance, late payment and collection agency charges will be payable by the Member, including the monthly administration charge.


a.)     Member Application

Application Forms must be completed by all Members when purchasing Membership. No application will be accepted until clearance of relevant fees and/ or the Direct Debit form is completed. Acceptance of Membership shall be at the sole discretion of Oakridge Golf Club. 

a.1.) All memberships are annual with an expiration date of March 31st. Oakridge Golf Club does not offer monthly memberships in any form. Membership will be renewed by payment to the Proprietor of the Annual Subscription on or before the expiry date of the previous subscription.  The Proprietor may refuse to renew a membership and will not be obliged to give any reason for doing so.

b.)     Contract and Club Rules

These Terms and Conditions, along with the contract, form the principle Agreement between the Member and Oakridge Golf Club. In signing the Application Form, the Member is expected to comply with the Club Rules that are available on the members’ website or in the Club Diary. The Company may sometimes need to make changes to the Club Rules. If we do this we will, where reasonably possible, we will notify you of the change.

c.)   Transfer of Membership

With the exception of specific transferable membership types, memberships are not transferable and cannot be used by anyone else.

d.) Suspension of Membership

d.1.) Oakridge Golf Club reserves the right to cancel or suspend Membership at any time in the following circumstances:

(a) If a Member commits a serious or repeated breach of these Terms and Conditions, and the breach, if capable of remedy, is not remedied within 7 days of receipt of a default notice.

(b) If any part of a Membership Fee due by a Member is not paid (by way of cleared funds) on or before its due date.

(c) If a Member provides us with details which the Member knows to be false when applying for Membership and the false declaration would have reasonably affected our decision to grant Membership to that Member. If Oakridge Golf Club terminates this agreement for any of the above reasons, The Club reserves the right to retain all monies that a Member has paid under their agreement.

Membership suspension will only be granted in the following circumstances:

(a) Should the Member move overseas or more than 20 mile radius, and proof of the permanent address change is provided through valid utility bills, or bank statements.

(b)  Serious illness or injury, likely to preclude the Member from using the Club for a period of at least 6 months. The Club will request reasonable evidence of the Member’s illness or injury, such as a doctor’s certificate.

(c) Pregnancy – Medical confirmation

(d) Loss of livelihood – Proof of Income Support or redundancy

d.2.) Suspensions must be requested in writing no later than 25th of the month to take effect from the 1st day of the following month and will not be granted retrospectively. Suspension of membership will not be permitted until the first full month of membership has been completed and will be for a minimum of one month and a maximum of nine months, effective from 1st of any month only. 

d.3.) A suspension period does not affect the minimum number of Direct Debit payments the Member is due to make, and any payments remaining at the time of the suspension will recommence on a monthly basis once the suspension period has completed.

e.) Membership Termination

Early  termination will only be granted  in the following circumstances on production of the specified third party evidence:

(a) Should the Member move overseas or more than 20 mile radius, and proof of the permanent address change is provided through valid utility bills, or bank statements.

(b)  Serious illness or injury, likely to preclude the Member from using the Club for a period of at least 6 months. The Club will request reasonable evidence of the Member’s illness or injury, such as a doctor’s certificate.

(c) Pregnancy – Medical confirmation

(d)      Loss of livelihood – Proof of Income Support or redundancy

f.)Absolute discretion is granted to the Proprietor to refuse any application for membership without giving a reason for doing so.

g.)The Proprietor reserves the right to refuse admission and/or cancel membership if any member will, in the opinion of the Proprietor, cause any annoyance to other Club members, or other users of the Club facilities.

h.)Every member of the Club will (subject to these rules and bye-laws hereunder for the time being in force) be entitled to use and enjoy in common with other members of the Club, the Club premises and facilities provided by the Proprietor, providing always that the Club may at any time withdraw all or any part of such facilities in connection with any special event where tickets may have been sold, or when repairs, alterations and maintenance work to the Clubhouse or golf course is involved.

i.)Members will observe the normal rules of social and golf etiquette.  Every member is empowered to ask another member or visitor (in a reasonable and polite manner) to abide by such rules.  Members, guests and visitors are asked to wear a form of dress appropriate to the time of day and place on all occasions, (see Dress Standards Section under Club Bye-Laws).

j.)Every member will display on their golf bag, a current membership tag in the form stipulated by the Management.

k.)Members are expected to comply with any direction the Management may give to ensure the smooth operation of the Club, the use of facilities and the convenience of all members.

l.)5 day members can only play at weekends if a visitors fee is paid.

m.)By their membership, members accept and agree to be bound by these Rules of the Club.  Any dispute or difference which may arise with the regard to the interpretation of these Rules, will be determined by Management whose decision is final and binding.


a.)All members and their guests will comply with the Club Rules and Bye-Laws and the legitimate requests of the Proprietor, Club employees or Committee members in the proper discharge of their duties.

b.)Any member or guest who fails to comply with as aforesaid, or conducts himself/herself in a manner which is considered by the Proprietor or any member of a Committee to be contrary to the interests of the Club or injurious to its reputation, may immediately be suspended by the Proprietor or any Committee member after consultation with the Proprietor, and will be immediately excluded from the course and Club premises.

c.)Members shall also comply with the rules administered by the Men’s and Ladies’ Committees and be subject to a Discipline Protocol for non-adherence.


a.)Any member suspended under Club Rule No. 9, may within 7 days of any suspension, appeal in writing to the Golf Section Secretary at the Golf Club Office, who within 14 days of receiving such an appeal, will convene a meeting with either the Proprietor or the appropriate Committee to determine the same.

b.)A member will be entitled to appear in person to state his/her case and be accompanied by a person of their choice.

c.)Any member whose membership is terminated under Club Rules Nos. 9 or 10, will immediately forfeit all privileges of membership but may not be entitled to repayment of any part of his/her non expired annual membership.


a.)For the purpose of playing golf, members who must be 18 years or over, may introduce and entertain on any one occasion, 3 guests at the Club and there will be kept at the Club premises a visitors book which both the member and guest(s) will sign.  The introducing member will be responsible for his/her guest(s).  The Proprietor may suspend any member who takes undue advantage of this privilege, to the detriment of the Club.

b.)No person whose membership has been terminated under Club Rule Nos. 9 or 10 hereof or whose application for membership of the Club has ever been rejected, will at any time be introduced as a guest.

c.)A guest may be introduced, playing at a reduced green fee, for a maximum of 8 occasions, irrespective of the introducing member.

d.)Any person visiting the Club for the purpose of playing golf, either as an individual on payment of a green fee, or as a member of a visiting Team or Society, authorised by the Management to play at the Club on a particular day, will be deemed a temporary member of the Club.


a.)The Proprietors liabilities for loss or damage to property belonging to members and guests is strictly limited to that occurring as a result of negligence by the Proprietor, Club’s Staff or Agents.  Vehicles parked in the Club car park or elsewhere on the premises of the Club, and all their contents, are left on the site at the owners risk and the Proprietor will not accept any liability in respect of them.

b.)The Proprietor cannot accept any liability for any accident to any member or guest that may occur on the premises or in the grounds of the Club, other than liability which may arise out of negligence by the Proprietor, Staff or Agents.

c.)Any member or guest who suffers an accident on the Club premises or in the grounds, must report the accident and circumstances under which it occurred, to the Management immediately.

d.)Members and guests are advised not to undertake any physical activities unless they are fit to do so.  The Proprietor will not be held responsible for any harm that may come to any member or guest as a result of their undertaking any activity which is beyond their physical capability.


a.)The supply or sale of intoxicating liquor on the Club premises, will be permitted only during the hours allowed by law.

b.)On no account will members or guests supply their own liquor for consumption on the premises.

c.)Intoxicating liquor will not be sold or supplied to any person who is not a member of the Club, or a guest properly introduced in accordance with Club Rule No. 11, in areas that are reserved for Club members.

d.)No crockery or glasses are allowed in the changing rooms.


a.) In the case of a suspected heart attack, a defibrillator is kept in the Sports Bar.

b.) If it is decided at any time it is dangerous to play the course due to the risk of lightning or any other cause, the Klaxon will be sounded.  (See “Safety” notice on the Local Rules notice board.)


a.)Any member at any time, may in writing appeal to the appropriate Committee with any grievance they may have.

b.)The Proprietor reserves the right to amend the aforesaid Rules at any time and without notice to any individual member.  Notification of such changes, with 7 days prior notice, will be displayed on the Club notice boards.  The appropriate Committees will be notified of any changes in the Club Rules before they are posted.

c.)Wherever the Proprietor’s involvement is mentioned in this document, in her absence a fellow director may deputise.


Force Majeure Event means any circumstance not within a party’s reasonable control including, without limitation:

a.)Acts of God, flood, drought, earthquake, or other natural disaster.

b.)Epidemic or pandemic.

c.)Terrorist attack, civil war, civil commotion or riots, war, threat of or preparation for war, armed conflict, imposition of sanctions, embargo, or breaking off of diplomatic relations.

d.)Nuclear, chemical, or biological contamination or sonic boom.

e.)Any law or any action taken by a government or public authority, including without limitation imposing an export or import restriction, quota, or prohibition, or failing to grant a necessary licence or consent.

f.)Collapse of buildings, fire, explosion.

g.)Any labour or trade dispute, strikes, industrial action or lockouts (other than in each case by the party seeking to rely on this clause, or companies in the same group as that party).

h.)Non-performance by suppliers or subcontractors (other than by companies in the same group as the party seeking to rely on this clause); and

i.)Interruption or failure of utility service.

17.1) Provided it has complied with clause 17.2, if Oakridge Golf Club is prevented, hindered, or delayed in or from performing any of its obligations under this agreement by a Force Majeure Event, Oakridge Golf Club shall not be in breach of this agreement or otherwise liable for any such failure or delay in the performance of such obligations. Oakridge Golf Club’s time for performance of such obligations shall be extended accordingly.

17.2) Oakridge Golf Club shall:

a) As soon as reasonably practicable after the start of the Force Majeure Event but no later than 7 days from its start, notify the Membership of the Force Majeure Event, the date on which it started, its likely or potential duration, and the effect of the Force Majeure Event on its ability to perform any of its obligations under the agreement: and

b) Use reasonable endeavours to mitigate the effect of the Force Majeure Event on the performance of its obligations.