Golf Dress Code

31 Aug, 2023

At Oakridge we pride ourselves on providing a warm and welcoming atmosphere and ensuring both members and visitors alike enjoy their experience here. Part of that experience is ensuring all players are dressed in the appropriate attire for both the course and clubhouse.


Golf carries a rich tradition and with that comes a dress code. Being a beginner it can be daunting to know what you can and can’t wear, in this blog we aim to break it down so you can confidently walk onto the course in all the correct attire in your own style. 


In the early days of golf, it was expected that golfers wear formal clothing such as suits and ties while playing, thankfully golf has evolved into a more accessible hobby and the dress code began to relax, allowing a broader range of attire while still maintaining an air of refinement. 


While the specifics may vary slightly from one club to another, the fundamental elements of golf attire remain consistent.


What You Should Wear 


  • Polo Shirts: the cornerstone of golf attire and a popular choice for golfers offering both comfort and a touch of formality. There is a huge range to choose from in different brands, from budget to high-end designer. It is acceptable for women to also wear sleeveless polo shirts so long as they have a collar. 


  • Layers: there are a number of options to keep warm on the course including – fitted golf sweatshirts, specific golf hoodies, golf gilet or vest, mid-layers
  • Trousers: try to avoid denim and opt for fabrics that provide ease of movement and breathability, chinos are a good option although specialist golf trousers are likely to be better because they are designed specifically for playing golf. 


  • Shorts: shorts are acceptable and often needed in good weather, however make sure they are just above knee length. 


  • Skirts/Skorts: women can also choose between golf skirts or skorts (a combination of shorts and a skirt) that adhere to the course’s guidelines.


  • Golf Shoes: proper golf shoes with soft spikes are essential for maintaining the condition of the greens and ensuring a stable stance during swings. You can also opt for spikeless shoes if you prefer.


  • Waterproofs: an essential piece of kit especially in the UK, both a jacket and trousers are useful to have but make sure you choose something lightweight so it doesn’t disrupt your game. 


Man walking on golf green in typical golf dress code carrying golf clubs in bag


What Should be Avoided

  • T-shirts
  • Casual Shorts
  • Sandals & flip flops
  • Jeans

Dress Code In the Clubhouse at Oakridge


  • Smart casual wear to be worn at all times and on all occasions unless otherwise posted
  • Waterproofs, wet/dirty clothing or golf shoes should not be worn but clean spikeless golf shoes are acceptable. (All golf shoes maybe worn in the changing rooms and spike bar)
  • Wearing of caps, visors or hats is not allowed.
  • Football, rugby shirts or shorts plus any emblazoned clothing is not acceptable.


Mobile phones can be used unless otherwise stated by a club official but all are encouraged to put their phones on silent/vibrate prior to entering the clubhouse.


Balancing Tradition with Modern Comfort 


Many golf brands now offer fabrics that wick away moisture, provide UV protection and allow for unrestricted movement, allowing you to stick to the dress code without compromising performance. You can find a great range of practical and stylish clothing at our pro shop. 


We hope this blog has helped demonstrate how you can respect the traditions required on the course, while striking a balance with modern comfort and functionality.

Get in Contact

If you have any questions regarding our course, clubhouse, or anything more then please contact us on 01676 541389 and a member of staff will be happy to help. 

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