Essential Golf Equipment For Beginners


Whether you’ve been inspired by watching professionals or simply looking for a new hobby, golf is a great sport offering you both physical activity and mental stimulation, but before you can get out on the course it’s important to know what you’ll need. In this blog we will discuss the essential equipment needed for beginners to help get you started. 

Golf Clubs

Clubs come in various shapes and sizes depending on their purpose, the main types of clubs include:


  • Drivers: Typically the longest club with the biggest head, it’s used to get the ball as far as possible so is typically used on the first stroke (tee shots) in order to achieve maximum height and distance with minimum spin. 


  • Hybrids: The newest type of club, are a cross between woods and iron which makes them perfect for beginners as they allow for a straighter, easier shot. 


  • Woods: The head is set off centre with a flattened bottom to let is glide over the grass when you take a shot, because of this they should be used on fairway shots that are beyond the range of your irons or they sometimes can be used on tee shots when you need some more control over the ball.


  • Irons: They are numbered 3-9 iron, the number you use is dependent on the aim of the shot. Even the long irons tend to be used for short distances, normally shots less than 200 yards away.


  • Putters: The most specialised club used to get the ball in the hole. 


  • Wedges: A subset of irons for accurate short distance shots.


Although in competitions you are able to carry 14 clubs, as a beginner this many isn’t necessary, it’s better to build on this as you progress. To start with you should aim to carry around 8 clubs including: A driver, fairway wood, 7-iron, pitching wedge, sand wedge and putter.


Visit our pro shop for further expert advice on what clubs might be best for you as well as getting them custom fit for no extra cost.

Golf clubs from oakridge golf club in a black and yellow bag on green grass with trees in the background


Golf Balls & Tees

It’s important to choose balls made for beginners as they are usually softer to provide more distance and forgiveness on mishits. When you are starting out, you’ll likely lose a few balls while learning, so it’s a good idea to stock up on a few dozen to keep you going. As a beginner it can also be useful to use longer tees as they allow you to tee the ball higher giving you a good launch angle.


Golf Bag

A golf bag is essential for carrying and organising your clubs, balls, tees and anything else needed on the course. Look for a bag that is lightweight, durable and has comfortable straps. As a beginner, a carry bag or a stand bag would be ideal, as they are easier to manage and are more versatile.  


Golf Gloves

Gloves provide grip and prevent blisters while swinging the club. Look for a glove that fits snugly but allows for flexibility and movement. It’s recommended to start with a single glove for your lead hand (left hand for right-handed golfers, and vice versa) before investing in a pair.

Image of golf mans hand in golf glove clutching his arm holding a golf club


Golf Shoes

Proper footwear is essential for stability and traction, it’s best to invest in a pair of golf shoes with spikes or moulded soles, to provide better grip on the grass. 


Golf Towel & Divot Tool 

A golf towel is useful for cleaning your clubs and balls during a round, while a divot tool is used to repair the marks made by golf balls on the green. These small accessories make a big difference in the maintenance and care of the golf course. 


Looking for Gear?


As you start out, having the right equipment can significantly enhance your learning experience and help you progress more efficiently. While it’s tempting to go for the top of the range gear, it’s advisable to start with the essentials and upgrade as you improve your skills. 


If you’re looking to get kitted out for the start of your golfing journey give our pro shop, run by Andy Smith of AS Golf Academy, a visit. We are approved suppliers and custom-fit specialists internationally for renowned golf brands. We can provide you with not only the equipment you need but expert advice to perfect your game.

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