Clubhouse Rules & Dress Code



Tee time pre-booking will be mandatory, under no circumstances will play be allowed without booking.


Club Bye-laws



  1. a) Juniors (under 18 years of age), may not order, pay for, nor consume any beer, wines or spirits upon any part of the Club premises.
  1. b) Members introducing children to the Clubhouse will be responsible for their behaviour at all times. Unaccompanied children under the age of fourteen will not be allowed to remain in the Clubhouse at any time.
  1. c) Smoking is not permitted anywhere in the Clubhouse.
  1. d) N o member will take from the Clubhouse any newspaper, book or other article belonging to the Club and not meant for distribution.
  1. e) Dogs, other than guide dogs, are not permitted in the Clubhouse without prior permission from Management.
  1. f) F or security reasons, changing room doors must not be propped open.
  1. g) Only the Men’s and Ladies’ Captain are permitted to ring the Club bell. Any other member who rings the bell must be prepared to purchase a drink for everyone present at the time.
  1. h) Only “disabled driver” badge holders are permitted to park in the relevant reserved car park space.


  1. a) The etiquette of golf must be observed at all times.
  1. b) Trolleys and buggies must not be taken onto any putting green, apron or teeing areas. Routes indicated by notices or signs, must be adhered to. The use of trolleys and buggies will be controlled by the Head Green Keeper, Club Professional or their Assistants.
  1. c) Please replace divots, repair pitch marks and rake bunkers when required.
  1. d) Practice strokes are not permitted on the playing areas of the course except as covered by R&A Rule No. 5. Single players must only have one ball in play.
  1. e) Crossing a boundary fence to retrieve a ball is prohibited.
  1. f) The President and the Men’s and Ladies’ Captain have priority on the course at all times.
  1. g) A playing group must not consist of more than 4 players at any time. 


  1. a) Mobile phones can be used unless otherwise stated by a club official but all are encouraged to put their phones on silent/vibrate prior to entering the clubhouse.


Dress of all members and visitors, both in the Clubhouse and on the Course should be of good taste at all times.

In the Clubhouse:-

Smart casual wear may be worn at all times and on all occasions unless otherwise posted.

Waterproofs, wet/dirty clothing or golf shoes should not be worn but clean spike-less golf shoes are acceptable. (All golf shoes maybe worn in the changing rooms and spike bar) Stocking or bare feet is not appropriate.

*Wearing of caps, visors or hats is not allowed.

Football, rugby shirts or shorts plus any emblazoned clothing is not acceptable.

On the Course (Where golf shoes must be worn):-

Shirts are not required to be tucked into shorts or trousers but it is encouraged.

Recognised golf shirts, which have “turtleneck or polo” are permitted but casual collarless or sleeveless T-shirts are not acceptable for men.

Logo’s or numbers on shirts or outerwear should not be prominent (as in football, rugby or polo shirts.)

No jeans, tracksuit bottoms, jogging bottoms or casual sports trousers can be worn.

Shorts, which should be knee length for men, should be tailored. No shorts designed for the beach, of combat design or with multi patch pockets are permitted.

All shoes should be designed for playing golf.

Trousers tucked into socks is not permitted.

All baseball caps should be worn with the peak facing forwards, no “hoodies” are allowed.

*Applicable to men only