Choosing the Right Venue for Your Event: Factors to Consider


Whether you’re planning an event for friends, family or work, it can be a daunting task, and one of the biggest challenges is finding a venue that accommodates the needs of everyone. So in this article, we’ve listed some of the most important factors to consider when booking your venue.



The location of your venue can have a significant impact on the success of your event. You’ll need to consider factors such as parking, accessibility and public transportation options for those who need it. Having a venue that is difficult to find can be a frustration for guests, and the last thing you want is to get off on the wrong foot. 

Features and Facilities


You’ll want to ensure that the venue you choose has proper features and facilities, such as stage equipment, lighting, catering options, sound systems, and anything else you may need to ensure your event is the best it can be. At Oakridge Golf Club, we pride ourselves on the features and flexibility we offer all our guests, no matter the occasion.

Oakridge golf club wedding, Illuminated Mr and Mrs sign on the front of nicely laid table with purple sparkling backdrop



Venue capacity is a crucial aspect to consider for your event. You’ll want to not only ensure that there is enough space, seating and activities for all your guests to participate in, but you’ll also want to ensure that there is enough excess space so that guests do not feel cramped or overwhelmed. An outside area can help in this regard for attendees needing a timeout from the event.




After ensuring that the venue you have chosen fits your price range, ensure you understand all the upfront and extra costs that may be included. The last thing you want is to stretch your budget, leaving you with very little in case of any last-minute emergencies. At Oakridge, we offer a full breakdown of expenses and will always try our best to find something that works for you.




Creating the ideal ambience and tone is a factor that can sometimes go unnoticed when making a decision. You’ll want to ensure that your chosen venue has the required style and resources to create an environment that reflects your event’s theme. For example, If you’re hosting a corporate business outing, you may require a more professional, slick setup. However, if it’s for family and friends, you could be looking for a more chilled, informal atmosphere.

Oakridge golf club venue with write tables and chairs in large beautifully decorated room



Before choosing your venue, make sure to do your research. Read up on any information and reviews that you can. Sometimes getting input from people who have used the venue before is the best way to prove its worth or highlight any issues they faced. This is important, as some venues can make promises they can’t keep. 




Finally, consider the level of support and flexibility that the venue is willing to offer. Nobody except you knows how your event should look and feel, which is why being able to communicate and work alongside the venue is such a crucial step in creating the perfect occasion. During this process, you should also ensure that any extra support you require can be fulfilled.


Booking the venue for your event can be tricky, but we hope this guide has given you a few pointers to look out for. And if you’re local to us and looking for a spacious, flexible venue, feel free to get in touch. You can call us on 01676 541389 or fill out our contact form below, and a member of our team will get back to you shortly. We look forward to hearing from you.

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