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Full 7 Day Membership

£1049.00 PA / £91.58 PM

5 Day Membership

£924.00 PA / £80.12 PM

Under 30's

£775.00 PA / £66.46 PM

Young Adult

£675.00 PA / £57.29 PM

Armed Forces

£656.00 PA / £55.55 PM

Student (18-24)

£377.00 PA / £29.98 PM

Partner 7 Day

£1583.00 PA / £135.95 PM

Partner 5 Day

£1386.00 PA / £117.89 PM


£125.00 PA

Membership fees are inclusive of:

Bar Credit Account; £50 (excluding Junior memberships)

Union Fees; £22.80

Golf Insurance; £4.00

VAT at 20%

Monthly Payment Scheme

Membership Fees can be spread over 12 easy to manage monthly instalments by Direct Debit (dependent on month of joining and excluding Bar Account which is payable upon joining)

Direct Debit Schedules can be tailored upon request when joining

Available to all members over the age of 18 years with a valid bank account

Provided by GoCardless | An administration fee is charged at 10%

First monthly payment will be taken upon joining alongside the Bar Account

If you join part way through the year the membership fee will be pro-rata

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